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The Fat Blue Line

Christie Blatchford:

To the astonishment of the judge, however, nothing of the sort happened with his first order.

CN served the right people — the chief of the Aamjiwnaang Chippewas of Sarnia, the band office and of course the Sarnia police.

Evidence at the continuation hearing showed that process servers and CN officials went to the blockade — there were never more than 50 protesters there, sometimes just a handful of people — and tried desperately “to engage” the Sarnia police.

One Sarnia staff-sergeant told a CN inspector that his force would not assist in serving the order. An inspector told him “their regular members have been directed not to attend at the blockade,” an order that I have confirmed independently. (Sarnia rank-and-file officers were told “there would be absolutely no enforcement, observation of, or engagement at any level.”)

In fact, one staff-sergeant, Jeff Hodgson, who stopped by the blockade did so only to join a circle of protesters who were drumming; the YouTube footage of that little exercise is still online.

The CN inspector was also told that Sarnia police “advised they would not accompany them to the blockade, but did provide a police radio.”

CN lawyers were back in court before Judge Brown on Dec. 27, on which occasion the force didn’t even bother to send anyone to appear.

“I must confess,” the judge said that day, “that I am shocked by such disrespect shown to this court by the Sarnia police.”

I've got the sure fire cure for these shenanigans. Henceforth, all welfare extortion "Just because you're so special!" payments will be transported exclusively by rail. That should take care of the natives.

And as the cops famously have little regard for the law these days but instead seem to look at it as their ticket to juicy, juicy salaries and pensions to kill for (And mirrored sunglasses! The top-of-the-line ones, the Ray-Bans!); well, those, too (Don't forget the shades!), will also be delivered strictly by railroad.

Those trains will be humming through as if Mussolini had taken over.

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old white guy:

don't you just love it when the police refuse to do their job. the entire police force should be fired.


What was particularly disheartening is Sarnia Observer reporter Paul Morden's gag inducing spin on Chief Nelson's dereliction of duty as though it were a "Profiles in Courage" moment.

I'm sure closing the comments was simply an oversight on the Observer's part.


Here I thought the problem was the courts. Eff the po-pos. These ones anyway.


It has been postulated that the police skilfully avoided being drawn into an incident. If judge Brown thinks (as I do) that his court has been brought into disrepute by the inaction of the police why has he not charged them with contempt?


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