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The 5 Most Secretly Badass Countries

We're Number 4! We're Number 4!


Joint Task Force 2 started out in the 1990s as sort of bodyguards for Canadian politicians and diplomats. By 2001, they had the chops to participate in the war in Afghanistan -- secretly. Forty elite JTF2 soldiers worked alongside U.S. forces and took out about 100 high-ranking Taliban and al-Qaida leaders. The Canadian public didn't even know they were there until someone accidentally published their Joint Task Force pictures, but credited them as Americans.

At last, a government program that works.

Let's hope that they're bilingual, too. It'd be doubly chilling to hear "You're dead!" yelled in both official languages.

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They should have had Poland on the list. Polish "Grom" commando teams have been happily ventilating Al Queda scumbags in Afganistan and Iraq since the beginning.

For a brief period the Polish government tried to go gutless and pull them out but the Poles were so proud of the their troops the public outcry kept the commandos in action.

Compare that to chickenshit Canada where every time a Canadian soldier actually picks up a weapon there is the predictable wailing and blubbering from (where else?) Quebec!


there is the predictable wailing and blubbering from (where else?) Quebec!

Strange but true. Strange as it's the home of the Royal 22nd Regiment (and they don't blubber) and true because it happens regularly.


Crockshit!! If we had such a bad ass military then why aren’t we involved in more wars killing terrorists? Instead we open the floodgates of immigration and allow tens of thousands of Muslims into Canada each year from Islamic nations that support terrorism and sharia law?


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