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The Bitch Is Back


Vancouver Sun:

Justin Bieber just can't get any respect - particularly at the Grammys.

The young pop star was more than a bit petulant he wasn't nominated in any category for music's highest honour.

Well, someone who was - and snagged several top awards - has an explanation. Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney said the Canadian heartthrob shouldn't feel snubbed.

"He's rich, right?" Carney told TMZ outside the Château Marmont. "Grammys are for like music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

"Grammys are for like music"? Phht. This is the outfit that awarded the "Hard Rock" category one infamous year to . . . Jethro Tull. Some others who've never won a regular (most went on to garner a "Lifetime Achievement" trophy) Grammy: The Who; Led Zepplin; Chuck Berry; Janis Joplin; The Beach Boys; Bob Marley; The Doors.

Of course, The Baha Men won in 2000 for "Who Let The Dogs Out." So there's that.

Carney was in the news about a year ago, slagging Nickelback. I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was something snarky. Now, I hold no brief for Nickelback or Bieber; but they're my countrymen, dammit -- attack one (or two), you attack us all. And I've always subscribed to a modified version of Ronald Reagan's credo, "Republicans shouldn't speak evil of other Republicans."

Being a musician is a precarious enough business without having to put up with snide attacks from other musicians, particularly of the pretentious hipster variety. Leave that stuff to the critics.

As I said above, I don't listen to Nickelback much, or Bieber ever. So what? I don't have a lot of time for Dixieland jazz or Peruvian nose-flautists either. It's a big wild wonderful world out there, and there's plenty of music in it that will fit your requirements exactly, if you'll take some time to look for it.

I've never really gotten The Black Keys' music anyway. It's competently enough done, I suppose, and some of it is quite tuneful, but a lot of it just comes across as guitar-heavy arena bombast (sort of like Nickelback, now that I think of it).

But that's all changed, now that I've seen this groovy picture of the groovetacular Black Keys boys. Let me tell you, they are flat out rockin' the joint with those "His-N-Her" car coats. Used to be you could only get those by mail order, but maybe there's a secret Rock Star store that they shop at.

And I'm guessing that Carney must be on the Theresa Spence Miracle Fish Broth Diet and Beauty Regime. I haven't seen that many Chins since I last looked at the Shanghai phone book.

Ya owe me one, Chad Kroeger.


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