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Don't Even Get Me Started On Maxine Waters

Terry Glavin:

Odd as it sounds, there is no House of Commons rule that prohibits MPs from moonlighting like this. Odder still, Trudeau has got away with justifying this lucrative sideline work on the grounds that he’s doing it as a favour to his constituents. “It is to make sure that the values of the people who elected me in Papineau are being heard in Ottawa and across the country,” he told reporters.

This is like something the notoriously stupid Alaskan ex-governor Sarah Palin might have said, but it gets a pass when Trudeau says it, and Trudeau gets away with this sort of thing all the time owing only to a pathetic and distinctly Canadian variety of celebrity worship.

Kind of a lazy trope -- Sarah Palin is dumb -- from Glavin, a writer whom I otherwise admire. Why, precisely, is Palin "notoriously stupid"? Because she doesn't read the New York Times? She and about 299,500,000 other Americans, last I counted.

I've never heard her say anything as dopey as, say, Barack Obama does pretty well every time he fires up the teleprompter. (And you don't want to hear him try to wing it.)

Besides, she's not even actively in politics these days. If he wants a more relevant female target, how about California's Axis of Moron: Barbara Boxer; Dianne Feinstein; Nancy Pelosi. Talk about your target-rich environments.

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old white guy:

the poor demented woman needs to be placed in a home.

old white guy:

not palin, waters.


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