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Welcome To Obamaland


(CBS) — The warmest day of the year so far brings hundreds of mischievous teens to Michigan Avenue. Police are calling it ‘mob action’. CBS 2 is learning about multiple incidents in at least four different locations along the Magnificent Mile and in the Gold Coast, yielding a slew of arrests. Things got pretty bad, very quickly with many innocent shoppers and tourists caught in the middle of a very chaotic situation. Hundreds of teens littered Michigan Avenue and State Street near Chicago. Things started to go bad around 6:00 p.m. Saturday, with teens purposely bumping into people, and causing fights among themselves. Fifteen juveniles and two adults were arrested and charged with Reckless Conduct— a misdemeanor. Community activist, Andrew Holmes witnessed some of the problems, while shopping with his family.

“You had a group of teens, close to maybe 500. They assaulted a Chicago police officer that was on a mounted on a horse and all of a sudden they assaulted a citizen walking the streets, just a normal citizen shopping and enjoying the weather,” said Holmes.

"Mischievous," CBS? Really?

Why those zany scallawags! What will the little rascals get up to next?

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Justastherepublicans Hittherealitywall:

Breitbart is DEAD

Nicola Timmerman:

Sounds like the students and professional demonstrators in Montreal.


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